No Bananas, No Bulls**t!

Why No Bananas No Bulls**t? Why not!?

No Bulls**t is everything we do and who we are and what we believe! It shows our attitude. Everyone in our brilliant team is defending that slogan from morning till evening. We refuse to sell to our clients NO TASTY and BAD QUALITY strawberries!

European market in general demands more and more longer selflife, cheaper prices...everything in berry business should be so easy!? It is not. Actually all our 25 berry seasons have been unique, it has been a long learning process full of failures, pain and sweat. I am so greatful that i never gave up on believing on long term goals and business. There are no shortcuts. Only really hard work, dedication and discipline.  

We are so proud of what we do in No Bananas for our clients, constantly and everyday! It is a really hard job to keep the high level but we try, no excuses. Someone of our team is literally working around the clock to make it happen 7 days a week. Everything we do is to make our clients happy and that they would like to come back tomorrow and buy more! That simple philosophy has been with me since i started working with berries 25 years ago and it will never change.